Ghana has won the bid to host the 22nd Association of Insurance Supervisory Authorities Developing Countries (AISADC) and the Association of Insurers and Reinsurers of Developing Countries (AIRDC) Biennial Educational Conference in 2020.

It won the bid to host the event, which is aimed at strengthening the insurance market of developing countries, and fostering inter-regional cooperation within the international insurance industry, at the 2018 edition, held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The conference was jointly organized by AISADC, AIRDC, the Insurance regulatory authority of Nepal (Beema Samiti) and the Nepal Insurers’ Association.

In all, 480 local and foreign delegates from 20 countries participated in the two-day conference on the theme “Building financial resilience-Disaster risk financing and insurance"

The Ghanaian delegation was led by the Commissioner of Insurance, Mr. Justice Ofori, and 14 other persons from the commission, insurance and reinsurance companies.

The theme was chosen bearing in mind the earthquake disaster, which occurred in Nepal in 2015, resulting in a massive amount of uninsured losses.

The conference encouraged discussions by various experienced and distinguished insurance professionals and experts on the subject of building financial resilience in the face of catastrophic risks, covered dialogues on insurance, microfinance, digitization in insurance and how regulators could create an enabling environment that encourages financial resilience and risk financing.

At the conference, new executives of the AIRDC were elected.
Mr. Vijaya Bahadur Shah, the Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Insurance Company Limited, was elected president, and Mrs. Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe, the Chief Executive Officer of SIC Life Insurance Company Limited, Ghana, was elected as Vice President, till 2020.

Mrs. Wyns-Dogbe thanked the Board of Trustees and the entire membership of AIRDC for the honor and the trust reposed in her, and Ghana to host the next AIRDC meeting.
She urged members to endeavor to come to Ghana to experience the peace and Ghanaian hospitality.

Source: Ghanaian Times