On hearing the announcement of award winners in the immediate past Sales Conference held by SIC Life for its Sales Executives in Ho, the Volta Regional capital a fortnight ago, I was inspired to sit down with the oldest award winner among the lot to speak to 80 years old Most Apostle Johannes Gameklu who picked up the “Special Award for consistence Outstanding Performance” over the years. 

 According to Most Apostle as he is fondly referred to, the Sales Executive told B&FT that, “HARD WORK DOES NOT BREAK BONES”. This saying has reflected massively in his salesmanship career with SIC Life. 

 He told Elliot Williams that his dream when he picked up this job was to enable him take SIC Life’s products to every nook and cranny of the country. According to him, for anybody or any company to be effective, competitive and grow, it must be purpose driven. 

 “As soon as I got the nod to join the family of State Insurance Corporation (SIC), I committed myself sacrificially with my own resources to speedily increase production”, he said.

Apostle Johannes Gameklu, whose name will continue to glow in the limbo of SIC Life started his skills and executive career with SIC in 1995 as a trainee agent. He was appointed a full agent in 1996 after going through a basic course in insurance at the SIC Training Centre Accra. 

 He told B&FT that after working for only five years, he was elevated to a Centurion in 2001 at the Agents National Delegates Conference at KNUST – Kumasi in the same year where he won the top producer of Life business with a total annual premium of GH¢5 billion the present day GH¢500,000. 

 After winning the prestigious award, he repeated the same feat win for the year 2002 with an annual premium income of GH¢871,444,939,000.20 (over GH¢870,000 

currently) contributing about GH¢75 million (GH¢7,500.00) monthly premium to the SIC Life portfolio with almost 4,000 clients. 

 Apostle Gameklu has won similar awards in 2004 – Overall Best Life Business Producer, 2008 – Top Life Business Producer, 2010/2011 – Best Male Life Producer, 2014/2016 - assisted with production to support Spintex Road Branch. 

 Apostle Johannes Gameklu is credited as one great sales executive who has toured all the 10 regions and over 200 districts of the country trumpeting SIC Life Products. 

 He had his elementary education at Nsawam Local Authority and continued at Kibi, he later entered the Accra Polytechnic to study Telecommunications. Straight from school, he worked with Ghana Telecommunication as a Technical Officer between 1962 – 1982 before he was seconded to the Trade Union Congress (TUC) as Secretary to the Accra branch of the TUC and a Special Assistant to the General Secretary of the P&T now Ghana Telecom Workers Union of TUC.


Source: Business & Financial Times