SIC Life Company Limited has inaugurated a Pensioners’ Association to provide the platform for a healthy and mutual co-operation for the common good of the company.The association will also see to the welfare of the retired staff.

The then Chief Executive Officer of SIC Life, Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure, who inaugurated the association said, management of SIC Life acknowledges that retirement stage of life can create a lot of boredom for retirees thus there was the need to come together to engage in social activities to give satisfaction and fulfilment to improve their retirement experience.

He added that it is appropriate and refreshing that members of staff, who retired from the service of the company, had come as an association to continue the friendship and love they shared while they were in active service.

Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure also disclosed that the company is preparing towards establishing a bank. “Currently we are fully capitalized and we hope that we will be able to open up for more shares for an institutional share-holding,” he said. “So in the nearest future we will have SIC Insurance, we may also have Social Security and National Insurance Trust and other people coming to buy shares from us and that will quickly propel us into a universal bank,” he added.

Dr. Anafure, on behalf of management, urged members of the association to work towards finalization of their constitution, hold quarterly programs and create a whatsapp platform for interaction and passing on information amongst themselves.

The acting Interim Chairman of SIC Life Pensioners’ Association, Mr. Harry Staudt was hopeful that the association can provide the platform for a healthy and mutual co-operation for the common good of the company and pensioners.

He pledged that members of the association will be eager to participate in any official function of the company whenever they are called upon.

BY: WILFRED OTOO - Daily Searchlight