The SIC Life Group has launched a new insurance policy targeted at staff of the Ghana Education Service nationwide. Mrs Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe, Managing Director of SIC Life, at the launch of the policy said the new Life policy aims to ensure that all GES teaching and non-teaching staff have minimum insurance. The policy is a collaboration between GES and the SIC Life and will officially commence in July 2019.

Benefits of the programme include GHc18,000 life cover for death and permanent disability cover. Members will also get a cashback of 10% after 3 years of no claims.
Through the policy, GHc10 will be deducted monthly as claimant’s monthly member contribution. SIC has collaborated with the GES on several occasions as part of its corporate social responsibility projects but hopes to use the new life policy to extend its contribution. Members of GES are also allowed to opt out of the programme and can receive premiums that have already been deducted by contacting the SIC customer care line.

New members from GES are also encouraged to join the programme.

Honoured beneficiaries

As part of the launch, 7 beneficiaries received their claims from the life policy.

Describing the impact she hopes the policy will bring, Mrs Wyns-Dogbe emphasised to attendees of the launch that GES staff face real challenges that the scheme hopes to tackle.

“SIC life will pay claims to beneficiaries of some GES staff who have passed under very unfortunate circumstances. We would also pay claims to staff who have become incapacitated,” the director said.

Kofi Nartey, a teacher who was attacked by armed robbers in his house and was shot in his right arm resulting in an amputation, and the family of Bruno Ayitey a young teacher who lost his life earlier this year were honoured as part of the polices first beneficiaries.

Post source: Afua Mfodwo | | Ghana